No crews. Just you.

a Self-supportedadventure

Full Course: 200 miles
Short Course: 150 miles
NEW: 70 miles

Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra is a self-supported adventure, and no crews are allowed on the course. There will be opportunities to resupply at convenience stores – the distances between them will be communicated to all registered participants.

Expect it to be very hilly. 

What to Expect

– B-Roads
– Rickety Bridges
– Potential hike-a-bike sections

Parts of the course will be remote, with limited cell service. Other areas will be residential farmland, but all should be low-traffic, scenic Iowa roads.

You may change between the 150 and 200 mile distances during the event by notifying the volunteers at the checkpoint. If it is not your day, drop to the 150 mile distance. Feeling awesome, step up to the 200 mile. You must carry cue sheets or pre-load the GPX file for both distances, the checkpoint volunteers will not be able to help you with this. GPX files will be sent to participants before the event date, as well as print your own cue sheets if you would like to use them.

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Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra | St. Charles, Iowa