2017 Results, Photos, and Race Reports

This year’s results have been compiled and can be found with last year’s results on our Results page.

So far, we have photo albums from four photographers and race reports from two racers on our Photos page. If you have written a report and posted it on your blog or Facebook or wherever, please let us know. We will keep adding links.

Sarah says:

“Congratulations and a heartfelt thanks to anyone who chose to start this difficult event under extremely poor conditions. For those of you that made it to Orient, there was a brief window of summer followed by a rip rocking tail wind that died out to a single digit disappointment. After fighting rain, cold temps, variable road conditions, and a fierce headwind for most of the day, all of you finished with a smile and thanks wherever your race ended. There were some epic struggles to make it to the finish line that didn’t quite pan out, but whether you made it or not you have much to be proud of. There was no easy to be found anywhere on that course, and watching you all take on the day with humor and strength was inspiring, and gratifying. I hope you all had fun and feel pride in your accomplishment.

“Thank you to my 2017 sponsors Kyle’s Bikes, BIKEIOWA, Velorosa, Active Edge Orthopedic and Sports Massage, and Beaverdale Bicycles. These small businesses not only support my event, many of them also choose to volunteer their time on race day or race. Please thank them, and then thank them again with your business. I couldn’t do this without their support.

“Thank you to my 14 volunteers and 4 photographers. This event would not be what it is without their help. They are a big part of why this event feels like a big, crazy, mostly fun family reunion and less like the immense amount of work that it truly is. I’ll have another post later with photos, names, and some of the behind the scenes action for those interested. It was an epic day for all involved, and they made sure every rider was accounted for and taken care of in good cheer. If you like inexpensive, tough as nails grass roots events, please thank your volunteers. It wouldn’t happen without them!”

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