Course Recon Drive

Course recon drive with two of my kids through Adair, Union, Clark, Decatur, and Ringold ‘does anyone live here?’ Counties. The roads are rough in spots, but generally in great shape. Only saw a few cars in over four hours of driving. The one water crossing we saw was down to a trickle. Only one re-route for a bridge out; I doubt it will be fixed by October.

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Elevation Profile for the 150

Here is the elevation profile for the 150. Approximately 7600 feet of climbing by Ride with GPS. It rides like more. This is the route that is most subject to change at this point, but you get the idea. It’s not flat.

You can switch to either distance at mile 84; from the 150 to the 200, or you can drop from the 200 to the 150 if it’s not your day. You’ll need to let the checkpoint volunteer know, and carry both sets of cue sheets because copies will not be available.

elevation profile for the 150

Course Elevation

The route is as finalized as it can be at this point. Final GPX and cues will be released the week of the race. This is the elevation profile for the full dirt version of the 200 mile, with 10.5K to 15.5K feet of climbing (depending on which program I view it in). It’s not flat. There are approximately 30 miles of dirt roads, but the final route will have more or less depending on road conditions this fall. C-stores are 60 miles or less apart.